Vinyasa Flow

By synchronizing breath with movement, vinyasa yoga offers a mind body experience unlike other fitness classes.  Students can expect a dynamic flowing asana practice that builds heat and provides  an opportunity to experience meditation in motion.  Some of the benefits include:

  • building strength & muscle tone

  • increasing stamina & flexibility

  • improving circulation

  • decreasing stress & tension

  • increasing mental focus

Gentle Yoga

This beginner yoga class makes use of postures, breathing and meditation in a safe and supported atmosphere no matter your level of yoga experience. Gentle yoga is a slower paced nurturing practice where students are encouraged to use props and modifications to safely and comfortably move into each posture to their own degree. The ultimate goal of this class is to awaken the body and cultivate a clear, peaceful mind. This offering is perfect for those looking for a gentler experience, are new to yoga or those who are wanting to slow down from the fast-paced world. All levels welcome.

Yin with Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra or “yoga sleep” is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. During this meditative practice, students will be systematically guided with audio cues to turn inward and connect with their essential unbound true self. By tapping into the innate limitless powers within, students can leave with a renewed since of peace, clarity & revitalization ready to walk through the rest of the day more mindful & in harmony with life. Come explore this highly effective stress reducing meditation practice.

Yin Yang Yoga

Yin yang yoga blends the benefits of yin and vinyasa into one offering.  By incorporating the more passive, cooling,  longer held yin postures along with the more dynamic, heated flowing sequences of vinyasa (yang), students are able to benefit from a balanced yoga practice.  

Yoga Fusion

A blending of traditional yoga poses and high intensity interval strength training with the intention of improving muscle endurance, increasing heart rate and burning calories to create a total mind-body connection.  Come for the burn and leave with a sense of calm serenity. 

Basic Athletic Stretch Yoga

This class offers yoga in a practical way designed for athletes, cross trainers, or anyone wanting to increase his/her flexibility & mobility.  Specific all-levels yoga poses are used to focus on typical tight areas of the body (hamstrings, shoulders, hips....).  Class can always be tailored to meet specific needs of clients.  The poses should feel good in the moment and also serve as a nice routine you can use before/after games/workouts.  With a regular yoga practice, you can increase mobility, reduce risk of injury & improve recovery. This all levels class is designed with an athlete in mind but anyone is welcome – youth and adults.

Private & Semi-Private Classes

These sessions can help new students build confidence & existing yogis deepen their practice. What about a private group session? Sports teams, bachelorette parties, corporate team building - the options are limitless and be benefits are priceless. Private & semi private classes can be held in studio or on location. Contact us to discuss various options.