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Malas & Mantras with Teresa Middleton

Would you like to learn more about malas as a meditative tool? We are honored to have Teresa Middleton with Middle Moon Malas join us at Roots & Wings Yoga Wellness for a special Malas & Mantras Workshop!

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The history & background of malas from several cultural viewpoints

  • How to use a mala

  • Understanding the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of incorporating mantras & malas in your meditation practice

  • How to choose (or create your own) mantra for your meditation practice

  • Meditation techniques to practice

  • This workshop is appropriate for anyone wishing to learn about malas. Yoga teachers can use this workshop for 2 hours of Yoga Alliance CE credits.

What to Bring:

  • Yoga mat - we will have a brief gentle asana practice appropriate for all levels of practitioners)

  • A mala - if you have one. If you don't, you will have the option to purchase one.

  • A pen & notebook. All workshop materials will be provided, but you might want to take additional notes for your own use.


  • $30 - per individual (if you bring your own mala

  • $50 - if you register with a friend (and you both bring your own malas)

  • $30 - If you would like to purchase a Middle Moon Mala. Teresa will bring several hand-knotted starter malas that are simple & elegant - made with 6mm gemstone beads.


Meditation for Beginners with Danie Leever
Why should I meditate? How do I meditate? What are the benefits of meditation? What happens if my mind wanders? What am I supposed to be thinking about? How do I become good at it? How do I get my mind back when it wanders? Where am I supposed to do it? What do I wear? Do I have to sit on a meditation cushion? How long am I supposed to meditate? What the heck is a mantra?

The unknowns of meditation can seem super scary but with a little guidance, prompting and practice, you can take a monkey mind to a Zen mind and develop tools to help you through the stresses of everyday life, INCLUDING the stress of the holidays. Join Roots and Wings Yoga Wellness for this special offering that guides students through the benefits of meditation, tips to calm the mind, and just how to get started cultivating your very own meditation practice. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or have just always had a little curiosity about the benefits of meditation, this class will provide you with everything you need to survive and THRIVE through the holidays.


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